As you are on this site, body post baby, I know a very important thing about you.

You are a mom.

The most wonderful, challenging, unpaid job in the world.  So cheers to you!  May your children appreciate you and all  you have done….

For charting and ovulation predictor kits and putting legs up in the air hoping to conceive, surviving the two week wait between ovulation and getting the positive test, to waiting to see the first heartbeat, and being scared any time you had a cramp or tinge of blood when you wiped that  something bad could be happening, to not having diet coke while pregnant, or alcohol, or advil, or blue cheese or one of the countless other no nos….

For birthing a 10 pound baby, or a baby with a big head, or enduring 24 hours of labor….

For the countless feedings, lack of sleep, lack of shower, and lack of everything for you, for breastfeeding, and pumping in cars and wedding reception changing rooms all for the health of your baby, for breasts which were sucked dry and now look sad, or breasts which now droop to your waist….

For not being able to suck it in anymore, or for having to suck it in all the time, or wearing your baby in a bjorn like a necklace so no one will make the mistake of asking you, the newborn mother, “remind me when you are due again?”

To motherhood.

We are a very very blessed bunch. I salute you.