I am a plastic surgeon.

I am a mother of three.

This site stems from my desire to educate women about changes in our bodies from babies. My practice focuses on fixing what babies do to women. I want to share what I know from treating hundreds of women and from my own experience about what you can do to prepare, prevent, and fix what pregnancy does.

Why do some women look better than others? When I had my first pregnancy I asked my colleagues for helpful hints to survive the pregnancy changes.  I know what happens, how it happens, what it looks like.  Could I stop it from happening to me?  It is like standing on the beach in front of a giant wave, knowing it is going to knock you over, but you can’t get out of the way

There are themes and trends… things you can do before becoming pregnant, things during pregnancy, and then things after. And there are some things you just can’t fix on your own. Please feel free to email me questions through my website at