Yup. That’s right. Go raid your kids toys. There is a use for those marbles.marbles

The marble trick is supposed to help “round” out the belly button and/or enlarge it a bit if it is starting to constrict down too much.

Unclear how well this works, but I have had some patients with success.  Don’t make it too big- We don’t have a “shrinking” technique for belly buttons which are too big.

The marble trick:

If you have a small or slit like belly button, you can try the “marble trick.” 

Once healed (likely at least 2-3 weeks out from surgery), you put a marble into the belly button and tape it or hold it down. 

The first time do it for 15 minutes and see how you feel. Is it sore? Irritated?

Make sure the marbles are clean (alcohol or antibacterial soap)

Clean and change it out daily. You can work up to a few hours daily.

What is the thought?  The idea is the marble serves as a kind of stent to help massage the scar, soften it, enlarge the area, and round it out a little.  ? Not sure how much it works, but it’s worth a try.  Just go steal a few of your kid’s marbles of different sizes, and you can gradually upsize.  Just don’t overstretch it.  That you can’t reverse.